Thursday, December 17, 2009

Serimer Dasa @Serimax

Serimax carries one of the largest fleets of specialised pipeline welding equipment in the world, consisting
of over 500 dual head Saturnax welding bugs, 120 Pipe-Facing Machines and 130 Internal Line-Up Clamps.
Serimax equipment
Pipe-Facing Machines
Hydraulic Power Unit
Internal Line-Up Clamp
Saturnax Welding Machine: Saturnax 3 and Saturnax 5
Saturne 8-Torch Welding Machine
Multi-joint racks
Pipe-Facing Machines (PFM)
Serimax has a range of Pipe Facing Machines driven by Hydraulic Power Units. These are designed to cut precision bevels on pipe ends from 6" up to 64", to prepare the pipe joint for automatic, manual and specialised welding systems.

Each Serimax PFM has a wide diameter range enabling the same machine to be used on different pipe sizes and wall thicknesses.

PFMs are equipped with adaptable cutting heads. They are capable of cutting new or modifying existing bevels to increase efficiency when welding different wall thicknesses and/or pipe diameters. They can be used offshore and onshore.

Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
Our Hydraulic Power Units are designed to supply hydraulic power to Pipe Facing Machines.
Serimax’s electric HPUs, ranging from 30kW to 50kW, are equipped with two independent hydraulic pumps. Our diesel HPUs are equipped with one dual pump powered by either a 67HP or a 74HP four-cylinder diesel engine motor.
The flow on the main pump can be set to adjust cutting-head speed rotation. The slave pump is used for the clamping system and the feed.
Internal Line-Up Clamps (ILUC)
They are designed to clamp two joints of pipe into position allowing steady welding along the circumference. For offshore projects, our clamps are equipped with double electric and pneumatic commands, and can be used on S-Lays or J-Lays. On Landlines over 36", or when required our clamps are equipped with dual drive motors enabling to climb all main slopes. All of our clamps can be fitted with copper backing rings and wired or wireless remote control.

Our fleet typically includes the following internal clamps:

S-Lay / onshore clamps in sizes 6" to 64"
S-Lay / onshore re-rounder clamp (the Maxiluc™) from 30" to 56"
J-Lay clamps in sizes 6" to 18", with automatic brakes and part-retainers
S-Lay / onshore clamps in sizes 6" to 20" with two inflatable sealing dams and embedded electronic equipment such as:
our Roxane system (embedded gas analyser)
ScanVision if needed.
J-lay "hollow shaft" clamp in sizes 6" to 12", equipped with automatic brakes, part-retainer, two inflatable sealing dams, and embedded electronic equipment such as:
our Roxane system
ScanVision if needed.

Saturnax Welding Machine
Saturnax is a native dual torch GMAW bug-and-band system which can be used on pipe diameters of 4.5" and above. It is light, compact and easy to install on the guiding band. It can be used in double or single torch mode for several different welding processes as controlled short arc, pulsed, Tandem.
The dual torch process almost doubles the rate of metal deposition, hence the highest production rates can be achieved with a reduced number of welding stations / cabins. Each Saturnax bug and welding station can make it all from the root pass to the cap using the exact same piece of equipment, welding wire and shield gas. It offers the highest degree of versatility.
The annealing effect, resulting from the second torch immediately following the first one increases the toughness and reduces the hardness of the weld.
Saturnax can weld in any position: 1G, 2G, 5G, 6G with a cut-back range of 50mm to 130mm. Saturnax bugs are deployed just as easily in 2G position on barges with a vertical J-Lay Tower.
Each Saturnax system is equipped with its own digital acquisition system that records all of the welding parameters.
Used by the company for 15 years, it is field proven in conditions of extreme humidity, dust and temperatures from -45°C to +55°C.
Saturne 8-Torch
It is a fully automatic horseshoe frame-based system available today from 36" to 48". So far it had been dedicated to offshore applications where the environment is more controlled than on cross-country pipelines.
Saturne 8-Torch drives and processes its own four dual torch heads simultaneously, each welding a quarter of the circumference, which reduces the cycle time even further.
The most reliable seam tracking system on the market is just one of the key inputs developed and used over the years on this high quality and production equipment.
The most demanding lay barges around the world work 24/7. Each machine break down has a huge impact on Contractor operations, which is where the Saturne 8-Torch comes into its own.
Multi-joints racks
We own and operate a mobile 12" to 48" double joint rack fully equipped and prepared for either Submerged Arc Welding process rotating the joints (1G position) or several other welding processes not requiring pipe rotation (5G position).
Serimax has designed and is now operating a mobile multi-joint rack that fits into marine containers. It can be easily deployed anywhere around the world. It is composed of several "container protected" lining-up / welding / NDT / coating stalls, connected by in-line pipe rollers to deliver quad-joints or any other multiple joint strings.


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